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Team - lets all strive hard to keep the Cougars spirit alive.

She made an effort to interact passionately through her posts.

"I really wanted her to be part of the team. And till this day, I really have no regrets making her one. She lived up to the my expectations and to the cougars. I really made a good decision." - SWOOSH


Name: Andrea Leonor Matutina
Cougar Position: Administrator
Birthday: July 13, 1975
Age: 29
Profession: Systems Analyst
Years playing badminton: a little more than a year
Partner's name: Vance
Badminton Affiliation: Philippine Badminton Cougars
Racquets used: Carlton Airblade, Yonex
Shuttlecocks: RSL, Swoosh
Shoes: Yonex, Avia

Who introduced you to the sport of badminton?
My officemates

What do you like about the sport?
Its challenging and fun plus it gives you a good workout.

Where do you usually play? How often?
Metrobadminton - 2x a week

Any formal training?
Pwede na ba yung pagtrain sa akin ni Vance? hehe

How many tournaments have you joined so far?

Any tournaments won?
Greenpark-Prince Tournament - Mixed Doubles Class D - second place

Any memorable badminton experience?
When Vance and I won second place in the above tournament - dapat kasi 1st e.

Favorite badminton player?
Havent found one yet

How did you learn about the Cougars?
Vance encouraged me to join

Were you happy about your decision to be a Cougars administrator? Any regrets?
Yes very happy and I have no regrets (yet - hehe joke!)

What do you like about the Cougars?
The group consists of very friendly and hospitable people who are very easy to get along with. Of course they play good badminton too.

What are your suggestions to make this a better organization?
Create programs to encourage active participation.

Any other interests besides badminton?
Volleyball, Basketball, Billiards, Tabletennis, Dancing, Singing (hehe)

Anything you would like to say to the members of the Philippine Badminton Cougars?
Team - lets all strive hard to keep the Cougars spirit alive.

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