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"I wanted to institutionalize the group. We started out as a small group...."

I have the heart of a cougar!

Name: Arvin de Guzman Tenedero
Birthday: 01 August 1971
Age: 33
Profession: Marketing Manager
Years playing badminton: 1 year and 4 months
Badminton Affiliation: Cougars
Racquets used: Yang Yang Titanium 11
Shuttlecocks: Swoosh Shuttles
Shoes: Adidas


What started your interest in badminton?

I was into racquet sports in an early age. I started out with tennis during my grade school days. Then, when I was in high school, I'd still play tennis at Quezon City Sports Club during my summer breaks. My friends then would invite me to play badminton after tennis training. I would join them at times but that's it. It was only last year that I decided to seriously consider learning the fundamentals of the sport.

Where do you usually play? How often?

I usually play during Eyeballs with the Cougars, which is every Sunday. I used to play badminton with friend whose a varsity player from Ateneo. But nowadays, he's been busy. That's why I am trying to develop a regular weekday sched with the Cougars. For me, a two or three-day badminton sched is ideal to keep me fit.

Have you had any formal training?

Yes. I had basic training with Jonathan Zerudo. To maintain my form, I now train at least once every two weeks.

Tournaments joined? Tournaments won?

So far, I have joined only three tournaments, namely

a) First Events Link
b) Manila Science Alumni Association Badminton Tourney
c) PHILPESTA Badminton Invitational

Sundance and I were fortunate enough to be the Level A champs for the PHILPESTA Badminton Invitational tournament.

Most memorable badminton tournament?

I guess, it would be PHILPESTA tourney, where we won.

Most memorable badminton experience?

I would say the, First Events Link tourney. Our Team Cougars faced tough competitors such as Team Battledore, Team Gatorade, Team BCMI and Team Shuttlers.

Although we did not win the over-all crown, we had entrees who won the silver and bronze. That's simply shows the toughness of the cougars.

Favorite badminton player?

Peter Gade, hands down.

What triggered you to start PBCougars?

I wanted to institutionalize the group. We started out as a small group, playing at Sheridan Badminton Center every Sunday. When the group was begining to expand, I felt there was a need to organize the group so the Cougars was born.

What triggered you to create a forum?

The cougars needed a place to interact with fellow members so we needed a forum. This is a good place to promote the group and the sport to all budding players.

What is your mission/vision for the Cougars?

My vision for the Cougars is to become a premier badminton organization in the Philippines. We will be able to accomplish this goal by means of the following:

a) educating Filipinos about the sport
b) through camaraderie between members and other groups
c) harnessing the badminton skills of members through tournaments and meets
d) ensuring that a family-oriented environment exists

How many members do the Cougars have?

As of my last count, we already have 410 members counting our Yahoo forum and this new forum.

How would you go about encouraging them to be more active?

I try to make sure that forum content is fresh. This would mean adding more boards and threads. I also encourage members to attend the Ebs so they get to meet fellow cougars. This would really help foster further interaction in the forums.

What are your plans for the Cougars for the next 12 months?

Well, I haven't really put much thought to that...but seriously, I hope we can set up more tourneys and dual meets for the cougars for next year. For this year, what we have lined up is a dual meet between Cougars and Baddicts in November.

There are more exciting things happening next year. So, peeps, watch out for it.

Who would you like to share the credit with towards the success of the Cougars?

I wish to thank the Lord for his guidance and for organizing this group. Secondly, I wish to thank the loyal members, Ces, Romy, Ann, Mr. Alonzo, John, and all those I failed to mention, whose been there at the start of the group. Finally, I wish to express my deep gratitude to the mods of this groups for their generosity and sacrifice - Vance, Ianne, Apples and Migs.

To all forum Newbies, Maraming Maraming Salamat!

Other interests besides badminton? (i.e sports, extracurricular activities, hobbies

Billiards, Basketball, Scuba Diving and reading magazines.

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